Avast Secure Browser Crack 80.1.3902.163 With Key [Latest Version] Free

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Avast Secure Browser Crack 80.1.3902.163 With Key [Latest Version] Free Download

Avast Secure Browser Crack 80.1.3902.163 With Key [Latest Version] Free

Avast Secure Browser Crack is a useful, fast, and safe browser for PC and Mac users that comes with an antivirus. It will kill any kind of virus that makes the computer slow down. Avast gives us better features and a lot of other things we need. One of the best browser apps is Avast, which is an antivirus program. You can use this browser to look for any kind of data. Avast, a company that makes software, has told the public that it has made great software that is easy to use and can help solve all problems.

Also, the Avast Secure Browser Mac client gets everything that can be gotten. They needed privacy and a safe way to communicate, so they went to a simple place together. It’s the perfect browser for users because it lets them see everything they need. People tell us that the number of browsers like UC Browser, Mozilla Opera Mini, Google Chrome, etc. is growing, but visitors want to stay safe by using the default browser.

This update also gives you new properties and features, like Webcam Guard, and a full list of who can access and improve your PC cameras. It gives us security against fingerprints. It will make the computer faster and better at what it can do. It is much faster than other software. If you add loaded links and other similar links to this feature, it can help people buy products and learn about their finances. Bank mod also has features that make theft and hacking less likely. This browser is also great at blocking users from all interfaces. For example, it protects you by default from third-party ads and other similar media.


Avast Secure Browser Crack 80.1.3902.163 With Key [Latest Version] Free

Avast Secure Browser Key Features:

  • The Security & Privacy Center is a shame for many devices, features, and other things.
  • Allows you to see and control what you’re doing online.
  • Avast Antivirus makes it easy to protect yourself against viruses, ransomware, and other malware.
  • Most people use this browser because it is safe and can find viruses.
    avast, antivirus has a feature that makes it stand out from the rest.
  • It has a powerful system for browsing and protects the computer from all infections.
  • Users can quickly download it and put it on their computers without any worries.
  • You can get it for free from the center of the Internet, and it works much better than the old version. You can use it anywhere and very well.
  • It can protect us from fingerprints and keep us safe.
  • It keeps ads and other media from coming from outside sources.

Latest Features:

SecureLine VPN

It prevents snoopers from listening to you down and allows you to change your location. It helps to access content that is not available in your country.

Fingerprint Resistance

Let websites not identify you by hiding your unique web browser profile (browser version, language, time zone, add-ons, etc.).

Stealth Mode

It Blocks your browsing history from saving and discards any tracking cookies or web cache.


Blocks harmful websites and downloads to prevent your PC from becoming infected with viruses, spyware, and ransomware.


It stops ads to help web pages load faster while giving you the flexibility to choose whether you block everything.

Bank Mode

hackers won’t steal your passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal data. It is due to the bank mode feature.


It Protects your privacy by advertising companies, preventing websites and other web services from tracking your online activity.

 Cleaning Policy

With a single click, it clears your browser history, cached images, cookies, and other junk. It keeps your activity private and frees up disk space.

HTTPS encryption

It forces websites to use encryption. Hiding all data sent to or from your browser so that no one can read it.

Password manager

Save, create, and automatically fill in your login details for your favorite sites.

Extension Guard

It keeps you safe by blocking unwanted add-ons or plugins while allowing you to install those you know and trust.

Flash Protect

It automatically prevents Flash-based content from working unless you choose to allow it to prevent you from installing computer services.

What’s New In Avast Secure Browser Crack?

  • By avoiding websites, the Anti-Tracking feature protects your privacy.
  • It can delete your browsing history as well as other things that your browsers store.
  • You could install safe, reliable extensions with Avast Secure Browser.
  • Flash gives you the ability to keep content from running on your computer until you give it permission to do so.
  • The Video Downloader system makes it easy to get video and audio files from sites you like.
  • When you use Avast Secure Browser to visit multiple websites, you can also stop the security of a site’s connection.

System Requirements:

  • Not Need a massive system you have a normal system
  • there is no term of being any specific window
  • Windows 7,8,9 10 XP
  • Internet culture should be good
  • Download managers should be available

How To Install Avast Secure Browser?

  1. Click the download button to the Avast Secure Browser setup file and save it to a standard location on your PC.
  2. Click on the download file avast_secure_browser_setup.exe and select. From the context menu, start as manager.
  3. When prompted by the User Account Control box, click Yes.
  4. Voluntarily review the license agreement and privacy policy. Then click Accept and Install to continue with the default installation.
  5. Wait for the installation of Avast Secure Browser on your PC. Then click ok to proceed.
  6. Avast Safe Browser now installs on your PC, and a new browser window opens automatically.

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